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To make sure you can find the right charging options for your plug-in hybrid or your electric car easily and conveniently, we have compiled the essential information for private and public charging as well as the appropriate cable types. You will also find useful tips here.

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 BMW public charging BMW hybrid vehicles at a charging station in front of a building

Public charging of electric cars and plug-in hybrids.

Various charging stations are available for charging in public. Currently there are more than 22,000 public charging stations in Germany, of which just under 2,000 are for high-power charging, which use direct current (DC charging station). One of the providers of these stations is the IONITY network, which cooperates with BMW, and is primarily located on motorways and enables fast and convenient charging particularly on long journeys. In inner cities, a network of charging stations with alternating current (AC charging stations) is available, which provides an ideal solution for overnight charging or, for example, when you make a stop for shopping. Among these are many charging stations that can be used with the aid of ChargeNow and offer approx. 125,000 AC and DC charging points worldwide. The ChargeNow mobility services, in particular, make energy management easier and also help you to find charging stations on all journeys. In addition, all BMW electric vehicles come with a standard charging cable for public charging at AC charging stations.
BMW private charging BMW i3 at a charging station in front of a private home

Private charging of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

Especially when you are at home, charging your battery should be as convenient as possible. This is why we offer several options of charging stations, so-called BMW Wallboxes, as well as a charging cable that you can plug into any socket. This enables you to adapt the charging times and corresponding ranges to match your precise circumstances. Furthermore, the BMW installation service is available to help you set up the Wallbox.
 BMW charging at work BMW hybrid vehicle at a charging station in front of a commercial building

Charging of electric cars and plug-in hybrids at work.

Charging at the workplace offers a convenient and straightforward opportunity to charge the car and use the time efficiently. As electromobility is accompanied by special tax incentives for users, this charging infrastructure is often provided by employers in combination with electric cars or plug-in hybrids as company vehicles – and could therefore be used on the parking space at work. The company Alphabet offers numerous mobility solutions in this context, from leasing to fleet management for companies and employers. It generally involves special charging stations with appropriate charging cables. However, it may also include Wallboxes or even conventional sockets for which a suitable cable is supplied with the vehicle. And this removes any obstacles to your efficient daily routine.


Charging cables are distinguished by the type and charging intensity. For private charging, a standard cable, the so-called “Mode 2” charging cable, is supplied with the vehicle and can be used in combination with conventional domestic sockets with alternating current (AC). For public charging, however, the public AC charging cable or also “Mode 3” charging cable is recommended. As hybrid and electric vehicles are designed for certain charging capacities, the rate of charging varies according to the vehicle. Our plug-in hybrids have a maximum charging speed of 3.7 kW. For purely electric vehicles, higher AC and DC charging speeds including high-power charging are available.

BMW standard cable in front of grey setting

Standard cable.

The standard cable is supplied automatically with your electric car or plug-in hybrid. It can be used both for charging at home and, if required, at the workplace, provided a normal domestic socket is available for charging. The cable is 5 metres long and designed for an electricity supply with 230 volts.
 BMW AC charging cable in front of grey setting

Public AC charging cable.

The public AC charging cable is used for charging at normal public charging stations. It has a “Type 2” plug on both ends of the cable. and is available in two different versions. For the BMW plug-in hybrids, use the single-phase cable with a maximum output of 3.7 kW. For electric vehicles, you also have the options of a single-phase cable with 7.4 kW or the three-phase cable with 22 kW, of which our BMW electric vehicles have so far been able to use up to 11 kW of the output. However, the BMW iX3, due to launch next year, will already be able to take advantage of the full 22 kW.


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BMW Services employee advising customer in front of a house


We recommend our installation service to ensure that your BMW Wallbox is correctly installed. You can conveniently order this service together with the BMW Wallbox from your BMW Partner. Our official installation partner (Deutsche Telekom Technischer Service GmbH) will then provide advice and take care of the installation and commissioning of your private charging station. If any additional work should be necessary to connect your charging station, the qualified electrician will be pleased to supply you with an individual and transparent quotation.

Your benefits at a glance:

• Inspection of the requirements for the electrical connection at your premises
• Recommendation for suitable installation sites on the basis of your personal parking situation
• Mounting, connection and commissioning at the desired installation site (incl. laying a maximum 2 m of surface-mounted cables)
• Instruction for the charging process
• 24 months warranty

 BMW electric cars BMW i3 on the road three-quarter front view

Electric cars.

BMW plug-in hybrids BMW hybrid vehicle on the road three-quarter front view

Plug-in hybrids.

BMW range BMW i3 against an urban backdrop with woman and child

Range of our electric cars & plug-in hybrids.